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Focus Vision won "2016-2017 China Security Industry Quality Supplier".

In 2016-2017 China Security Industry Quality Supplier Award Ceremony, Focus Vision stood out and won "2016-2017China Security Industry Quality Supplier" based on its excellent quality products and service capabilities.

From 2010, the selection activities of China Security Industry Quality Supplier have been held for 6 times successfully and attract high attention with specialty and fairness. The evaluation results have become an important criteria of the comprehensive assessment of the security enterprises' overall strength and industry status. This "2016-2017 China Security Industry Quality Supplier" demonstrates a certain affirmation to Focus Vision from the industry experts and the majority of users.

Focus Vision, following up the development trend of security industry, considers the reliability as the brand foundation, actively explores product innovation and provides the corresponding solutions for users in different industries. Focus Vision has already served thousands of governments and enterprises with projects throughout the country including Mega Eyes of China Telecom, SNC View of China Uniform, Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope of Guizhou, etc. Focus Vision, with high quality service, has won trust and praise from many users.

In the future, with the development of cloud computing, big data, the Internet and the security industry, Focus Vision is willing to cooperate with the industry partners to push the healthy development of the security industry. Focus Vision will continue to innovate and master the core technology in the security industry to show thanks to the support of the users.


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