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Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation Awards Homedo Best Partner

2017 Partner Conference of Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation (ZTE) was held in Taiyuan on April 27. Government officials, industrial leaders, enterprises including Homedo and experts of the ICT industry were invited to discuss the development opportunities and the new cooperation models during the global digital transformation and shared the latest technology and application results of ICT industry.

Mr. Zhao Xianming, the president of ZTE, pointed out that ZTE would actively promote the M-ICT strategy, strive to become the leader of 5G innovation to cater for the requirements of massive connectivity and huge data flow and grasp the new business opportunities in the era of mobile Internet.

At the conference, ZTE awarded “Best Partner” for several major cooperators containing Homedo. Best partners are indispensable for ZTE’s development, according to ZTE, and they are supporters and fellow travelers for ZTE’s cooperation, transformation and innovation.

Homedo, as the core national channel partners for ZTE’s communication productions, undertakes the comprehensive online and offline promotion and services for ZTE.


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