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Aipu Waton and Homedo held Intelligent Building Technology Salon in Xiamen

On the afternoon of April 25th, the intelligent building technology salon, sponsored by Aipu Waton and Homedo, was opened in Xiamen. Experts and industry pioneers all over the country were invited to exchange opinions about intelligent building technology.

Recently, data center technology develops rapidly and  has been applied more widely. Aipu Waton,as one of the earliest and largest supplier that researches and manufactures integrated wiring products, adheres to innovate and create greater value for users. At this meeting, Mr. Xiong, the integrated wiring department manager in Aipu Waton, shared "Integrated Wiring Solutions with Cloud Computing" with guests.

The date center brings countless convenience with the strong computing power and output capacity. However, the traditional data center demands big investment, long-time construction, high energy consumption with low utilization rate and low safety factor. With the increasing size of the data center, more and more network cables and optical cables are needed to connect various equipment within different cabinets which are both leads and fuel. Although they do not belong to the fire system at present, they will closely affect fire safety. Consequently, present data center lacks security.

Aipu Waton puts security first in the data center, that is to say, the products which Aipu Waton delivers to users should be safe both for use and for management. Consequently, Aipu Waton ensures fire safety with environmental friendly and flame-retardant cables and orderly information management and monitoring through intelligent wiring system. Aipu Waton takes into account the construction feature of the data center of small and medium enterprises and provides users with high-quality micro data rooms which are able to be invested gradually according to the requirements. As a wiring expert, Aipu Waton is able to provide more complete high-density wiring systems than other brands that include high-density patch panels and innovative accessory products.

Secondly, an efficient and reliable data center should be easily manageable. For a data center, management of massive data ports has always been a huge challenge. So how does Aipu Waton solve the management issues ?

If there are more than 3000 points in the cabling system, system management will be  required to realize management and test of the physical channels and ports. The management of ports includes not only the management of the physical ports such as data ports, patch panels, etc. but also the relationship management of ports of the work area and switch ports in the device area. The system management also defines the mapping relations of all ports and ensures that the object and the mapping relation can be easily found through the system.

An excellent system should be an excellent manager at the same time which assists the network managers to realize real-time monitoring and alarm about all objects and mapping relations and identify the various abnormalities. All operations should achieve maximum automation within the system including automatic coding and operation automation of the orders.

The intelligent wiring system perfectly solve efficiency issues of the management of the data center which can avoid wrong operation and achieve real-time monitoring and alarm and other functions. With the eight pin port detection technology, intelligent wiring solutions are convenient to be applied with strong versatility.

Finally, Mr. Xiong demonstrates a micro-module data room which caters for the information requirements of major SMEs. This green, energy-saving and expendable micro data room requires the users to invest gradually in accordance with the needs which can be constructed modularly and implemented rapidly. Within the data room, all devices achieve integrated and visual management depending on the cloud platform.


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