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How Focus Vision deals with the haze which is more terrible than SARS

With haze and smog becoming increasingly serious,anti-haze has become a very popular research topic. For security industry, responsibility of anti-haze is equally significant.  

At present, the customer market for smog is increasingly hot. Many consumer goods show up including air purifiers, air monitors and anti-smog face masks. On the basis of ensuring its own anti-haze ability, the security industry, an industry that serves the public, makes efforts to reduce the harm caused by smog as much as possible through a series of technical means and products, e.g. the anti-haze system in smart home, the haze lamp for intelligent transportation, haze monitoring system in environmental monitoring.

Security equipment should have anti-haze ability at first which means it should not be corroded by smog. The anti-haze ability means equipment should be equipped with self-protection ability including waterproof and dust-proof capability. The shield, an important component of the monitoring system, ensures that cameras work normally under the circumstances of dust, rain, high and low temperature, etc. The choice of the shield depends on several conditions. Firstly, the shield should accommodate the cameras and lens and leave appropriate surplus space. Secondly, the right shield should be chose following the using environment. On this basis, to select the corresponding support bracket should depend on the total weight of the entire camera, the shield and the pan/tilt. For the overall structure, the less the mounting holes are, the more waterproof the shield is. Then the internal line should be easy to be connected. Finally, the appearance, the weight and the mounting seat should be taken into consideration.

In a technical sense, anti-haze ability means that security devices should maintain normal working ability even there is smog. Smog makes the images dim in most video surveillance systems. That is to say the significant targets will submerge in the fog and the function of the video surveillance system will be affected. Consequently, Defog Technology means a lot in the security industry.

Focus Vision took the lead in applying the smart defog technology to cameras and building defog mode in the management menu. Through appropriate level of defog, real colors of the images can be obtained even with smoke and fog. The professional solutions for bad weather including fog, pollution and even stand storms improve the recognition rates of cameras and make image colors more abundant.

As the basis for reducing haze, it is industry’s common action to reduce damage to environment and advocate green and energy-saving concept. Focus Vision always holds a social responsibility for energy conservation and environmental protection and adheres to adopt environmental friendly and energy saving materials.


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