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Quality Control

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Quality is the fundamental of the brand. Consequently, for full range of products, we strictly enforce national and industrial standards. We have already passed various authoritative certifications, e.g. Quality Management System Certification. For specific products, we implement international standards and have already obtained kinds of international certifications, e.g. CE Certification. The mature quality control system, realizing the whole-process monitor and immediate inspection, assures the excellence and stability of the product quality.

Quality System

Whole-process Quality Control

ISO9001/3C quality control system is implemented in Aipu Waton which means we are able to set up strict inspection from purchase of raw materials to shipment of finished products. For raw materials, we establish a rigorous screening process. For production process, we carry out the first inspection and random inspection with sophisticated instrument at any time. For products, we build up a quality testing laboratory to specifically test the structure and performance of the product. Multi-authoritative tests ensure the product quality and make products meet the growing demand of information transmission and visual management. Therefore our products gain well-deserved recognition.

Warranty Time:

  • Cables & Wires


  • Generic Cabling


  • CCTV Products



Characteristics of Quality Control

For quality control, we emphasis on traceability, which means we can trace back to batch number of raw materials, operators and manufacturing facilities, and analyze abnormal events. To ensure orderly operation of this quality control system, we establish a sound operating mechanism with the characteristics of “5Q Quality Control” and “3 All and 1 Multi-methods”.

5Q Quality Control

  • IQC

    Incoming Quality Control

  • IPQC

    In-Process Quality Control

  • QA

    Quality Assurance

  • FQC(OQC)

    Final Quality Control

  • QE

    Quality Engineering

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