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AIPU WATON Electronic Technology (Group) Co., Ltd

AIPU WATON Electronic Technology (Group) Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales and service. As a professional manufacture of engineering cables and video surveillance equipment and a solution provider of integrated wiring system and subsystem, the Group, combining with its eight subsidiary companies, commit to providing high quality products and technical services to the companies all over the world.

Shanghai AIPU WATON Electronic Industries Co., Ltd

Established at 2000, AIPU WATON Electronic Industries Co., Ltd obtains independent import and export right. The Company is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of all kinds of telecommunication cables, cables for specific usage, composite cables involving elevator cables, armored cables, fire resistance cables, network cables, fiber optic cables, power cables, coax cables, CCTV cables, security & alarm cable and so on. Besides, the Company provide complete solution and one-stop purchase of generic cabling system. The Company also has strong ability to do OEM design and manufacture.

Shanghai Focus Vision Security Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Focus Vision Security Technology Co., Ltd (Focus Vision) offers leading monitoring products and solutions all over the world. Focus Vision, relying on strong R & D and innovation strength, concentrates on researching video decoding technology, intelligent video image analyzing and processing technology, high-frequency embedded system hardware and software and other core technologies. Focus Vision, one of the few enterprises which master digital HD technology, builds the largest manufacturing base of video surveillance system in Shanghai. The main products include H.265/H.264 IP camera, (Box, IR Dome, IR Bullet, IP PTZ Dome), NVR, XVR, switch, display, software, accessories and so on. www.visionfocus.cn

Shanghai Elane Electronic System Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Elane Electronic System Co., Ltd. (Elane) is a professional high-end manufacturer of wires and cables and a one-stop integrated wiring system service provider. Elane is committed to providing advanced technology and quality products for communications, energy, electricity, construction and transportation. Main products covers signal control lines, audio and video cables, network cables, fiber optic cables, elevator integrated cables, fire resistant and fire retardant cables, power cords, charging pile cables, computer cables and varied other kinds of cables. Elane has already obtained CB, CE, RoHS certifications.

Jiangsu Zhongcheng Cable Co., Ltd

Zhongcheng Cable has one of the largest production base in communication industry. With hundreds of leading manufacturing and testing equipment, the annual cable output can reach 500 million yuan and the main products contain data cables, power cables, coax cables, fire resistances cables and other kinds of cables. The Company is committed to become the most cost-effective cable manufactures through resource integration, continuous R&D and cost management capability improvement. www.zc-cable.com


Homedo, as a leading B2B e-commerce platform, is committed to providing one-stop, all-round integrated service containing consultant, design, installation and varied others to system integrators and contractors. As the first website concentrating on Internet plus green building, Homedo offers diversified products covering information facilities, public security, building automation, computer room construction, audio and video equipment, smart home, computer peripherals, auxiliary tools and other categories.

Beijing AIPU WATON Security Technology Co., Ltd

Since 1999, Beijing AIPU WATON Security Technology Co., Ltd supplies low voltage cables, generic cabling system, CCTV products.

AIPU Electronic Cable System Co., Ltd

Established at 1998, AIPU Electronic Cables System Co., Ltd is a supplier of generic cabling system.

Shanghai Aipu Waton Electronic Technology(Group)Co.,Ltd