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Manufacturing Bases

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Through two decades of development, we successively set up three manufacturing bases with a total area of nearly 200000 square meters which respectively located in Pudong, Ningbo, and Dafeng, to specialize in the production of low voltage cables, generic cabling system products and CCTV equipment.

Manufacturing Base at Pudong, Shanghai

Located at Pudong New District, covering a workshop area of 30,000 square meters, Aipu Waton Pudong Manufacturing Base is one of the biggest CCTV products manufacturing bases in Shanghai. With 220-odd sets of industry-leading production equipment and R&D, quality control facilities, we produce 360,000 CCTV equipment per year.

Manufacturing Base at Ningbo, Zhejiang

Located at Ningbo Cixi Industrial Zone, covering a plant area of 15,000 square meters, Aipu Waton Ningbo Manufacturing Base produces generic cabling system products. With the Finnish production and testing equipment and the automatic operation mode, the accuracy of data transmission can be assured. Ningbo Manufacturing Base achieves an annual copper connector output of 20 million ports and an annual optical connector productive capability of 10 million ports.

Manufacturing Base at Dafeng, Jiangsu

Aipu Waton Dafeng Industry Park manufactures coaxial cables, communication cables, audio cables, fiber optic cables, solar cables and varied other kinds of cables. It covers an area of 175 acres and a plant area of 45,000 square meters. With 320 sets of domestic first-class production and testing devices, an annual output of cable products can reach over 400,000 km.

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